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Week 1 First HTML page List Assignment Second Page Recreated Page Hobbies Page Personal List

Week 2 All Intermediate Pokémon Chart Form Exercise Form Recreate Tasty Recipe v1

Week 3 First CSS Page Todo CSS Page Additional Selectors Specificity Page Selector Exercise Tasty Recipe v2

Week 4 Fonts Box Model Tic Tac Toe Photo Gallery Blog Tasty Recipe v3

Week 5 Flexbox Page Sidebar Navbar Polygon Holy Grail Flexbox Problem

Week 6 Pseudo Code Along Pseudo Exercise Buttons Transform Code Along Transition Code Along Animated Gallery Ringer Challenge

Week 7 Key Animated Animated Props Sun Animated Short Loading Page

Disclaimer: This is just a random list I made to test out lists.

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List of Music Artist are interesting.

  1. Drake
  2. Lil Wayne
  3. Young Thug
  4. Travi$ Scott

Honorable Mentions

This is not in a ranking